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A rant about women and geeky stuff.

Don’t give me that look…. you know, that “your-are-lazy-as-hell-when-it-come-to-update-your blog” look. I’ve seen it and it’s not nice.

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates; when your life is not as interesting as you thought it would have been when you were 15, the sole idea of updating a place nobody reads, it’s not very moving.

Anyway, I’m on a rant mode now, so deal with it. Sit back, grab a cookie and try to enjoy the ride, ’cause we are going to sour land of despair and madness caused by everyday interactions with human beings. It’s not your fault, maybe it isn’t mine… whose fault is ? I don’t know.

Anyway, I have discussed this topic several times in other places, with other people and in other blogs I have abandoned half-throught their existance… I’m talking about women. Yes, once again that topic.

So we have something to talk about. Don’t you know it’s hard for us (when I mean “us”, I’m talking about geeky, 20 something guys with glasses and a little bit overweight) to understand you, gals?

What is it with women? Most of the girls I know, are not looking for the “shinning prince, riding a white stallion”. Most of them, are down to earth, looking between real life companions and fictional characters.

And that’s what bothers me… and hurts me deeply into my soul. The sole idea of looking and wanting to have a relationship with somebody, it’s an ordeal when pretty much everybody you know, has it’s head floating in the sky and the eyes looking for the tall, handsome guy while us, are left as “close, soul-friends” or that “geek-guy-with-the-glasses” sitting in the not so well lit corner of the cafeteria.

I do everything that’s in my reach to be more close to people and not soo shut, like most geek people I know. We let our heads wonder into fantasy land soo often, that we forget to look into real life and the people along side us. Problem is, it’s seems it’s not enough.

I’m caring when It comes to people.
I dress well… not over the top well, but I keep myself classy and not messy
I’m helpful
I’m useful
I love to be around people.

But it’s never enough.

Between work and free time, there’s nothing to do.

Wow, flashy colors. Yay!

Wow, flashy colors. Yay!

Wow. A blog update… amazing.

I’m on a “lazy-cat mode” know, so there you… deal with it.

I started working again as a tourist guide… this season is going to be a slow one. No much work so far, just a couple of tours. Anyway, I think that has something to do with the economy problems everywhere.

Whait?! That’s the freakin’ reason why Santa Claus only brought me some underwear and chocolates! That red-clothed, old fart, fictional character it’s going to pay next year. I promise!; And in the same topic: what did I bring you this past Christmas? Anything counts.


December 31st, 2008.

So, it’s New Years Eve. Wow. Everything looks a like a cheesy movie today. People running around buying last minute stuff for their parties, my parent’s are on “maniac-mode” back at the store and here I am, doing nothing. That’s how I show my spirit and commitment.

Today I was supposed to have a tour with a Japanese couple… they decided not to at the last minute. Great. I needed the money. Well, so it’s back to Internet spamming and chocolate cookies for me.

My parents are planning to go to one of my aunt’s parties tonight. At least it’s the branch of my dad’s family I can deal with. Some of them are plain annoying and the rest… well, if your not dressed just like them, they won’t even look at you. Weird, huh?

So, a last minute update. Enjoy the festivities and be safe, ok?

The aftermath of G-Expo

Hi there fellow humans. Long time without writing something in this blog. I’ve been kinda busy the past weeks, but nothing serious… just some personal stuff.

Anyway, I think I should tell you what I’ve been up to.

First of all, last weekend I attended an anime ‘con known as “G-Expo” (Formely, Genshisai Expo) in Temuco, IX Region, Chile. This was my 3rd year in a row and my 2nd one as a cosplayer. What can I say? It was lot’s of fun, I met some new and interesting people and I had the chance to talk with someothers I hadn’t seen in a while. Right, Hito-chan?

This year, I ended up putting a cosplay performance with one of my dearest and closest friend (Victor a.k.a. Vixxo). Believe it or not, we didn’t even practiced for it! We just put together the audio cues and presto! Instant cosplay magic.

There are some photos here: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/190355/

and a video here:

In any case, I had to go back to real life soon… Exam week is just ahead of us now and I have to study.

Take care!

Saturday Night.

Hey, what do you know? I decided to update this blog thingie, since it’s Saturday night… I have no plans (as always) and what else? IT’S FRIGGIN’ RAINING OUTSIDE!

I’m in rant mode now… I guess you noticed that.

Anyway, there’s always some company here. Tesla, my cat it’s laying right next to the fireplace. He has a great and lazy life now that I think of it. He’s always sleeping or fighting with the pillows of my bed. And when he’s doing something (like chasing a ball or meowing at our dog, Curie) it a motive of celebration here. That is just weird.


This was a lazy week in College. I had to make a presentation last Tuesday and that was it. No test, quizzes or homework. Nothing.

Guess we all are on a lazy mode by this time of the year. Our finals are in 3 week from now but no-one seems to care about that. Should I start to worry? Or do I let things “go-with-the-flow”? My dear readers, that is the question.

Ok, enough for today. I have to go. Phone’s ringin’

*my sister is callin’*

WOO-HOO! I just got invited to go and snatch a pizza downtown! Great; now where did I leave the house keys?!

As day’s go by.

Title say’s it all. I hardly believe that we are on November right now… this year sure has passed by quick. Unfortunatly, its worse every year.

*I’ve been working on this update for a few days now*

Saturday night

I’m home alone… family it’s out. Love being alone actually. The house it’s warm, I have coffee and cookies here and the internet is working at full speed.

Not much news to tell. I

College stuff.

Another day, another post my dear readers.

As always, not much to tell… Halloween night was a blast (at least for me; my dart-launchers where a success!) and this week is going to be a very lazy one. Most of my teachers at college have suspended classes due to an abundance of medical permits (That means, less boredom… more productivity?)

What is worst of all that, it’s that we are less than a month away of finishing classes and we are SO far behind on the schedule that I’m pretty sure, they will try to catch up with little success in the following weeks. It’s kinda funny in weird way. Most of my classmates are happy for all of this; I’m not. If we are not doing something, I tend to think that there’s no purpose to go to classes and in any case, I’m not really into the whole “connect-with-us-through-booze” thing.

I’m not a saint actually… I’ do like my share amount of beer or other alcoholic drinks from time to time, but NOT WHEN WE ARE AT CLASSES!!

I’m on a rant mood… deal with it.

A tale about ghost’s, children in costumes and a cup of coffee.

Pumpkins... Im not a fan of them

Pumpkins... I'm not a fan of them

So today is “Halloween” night…. that means, kids running around askin’ for candies and stuff. Sound’s like fun, doesn’t it? And to think that when I was a kid, “Halloween” was just something that we could see in movies (Here in Chile, as far as I can remember we started to “celebrate” it since 1999)

While I do not agree on the idea of importing foreign holidays into our life, I do like the fact that we can have a small period of the year, when we can do stuff like wearing costumes, trowing parties and acting silly. Our society is not very fond of doing things like that, ’cause we think of it as “child stuff”.

Anyway, I might sound like the typical neighbour that doesn’t give a crap about the rest of the people, but I wont have any candy bag ready in case they decide to show up around here. My parents will be out, my sis’ is going to a party and I’ll get my USB powered dart launchers ready to protect my house. I tested them last year and believe me, no kid wanted to knock on my door!

And you, what will you do today? Will you get on a costume or will you stay inside?

In the brink of madness and despair.

The following blog update may contain extreme content not suitable for those who have a joyful spirit. You have been warned.


Ok, after that unusual intro let’s get this show on the road.

I’m back to the brink of madness and despair… I haven’t feel this way since I was in my final year of high school (A long time ago).

Sometimes I wonder what could happen if “I did that thing”. You know, that “thing-we-are-not-supposed-to-do-with-our-life”. Not that I’m *actually* going to do it right now… there’s to much to be done first. Besides, whenever I have the chance I end up doing nothing. As simple as that… the pills are there, the gun is always on it’s case, waiting.

Today I feel disconnected… I have always felt this way, but today is different. It’s like everybody is talkin’, walkin’ and I’m there… in the middle, not being noticed by anyone. It’s weird but at the same time, I’m ok with that. It gives me the oportunity to see things, others just don’t care about. Like patterns in light, reflections on windows, colors, sounds… Yesterday, after classes I was walkin’ downtown Pto. Montt, my headphones were on my head, I don’t really remember what I was listening to… but it was wierd. I was there, the people was there, the buildings and cars were there… but only I could listen to a sound. It was a ringing sound… like static coming out of an old radio.

It was weak at first… then it grow stronger… then it vanished.

I feel weak… I’m passing out too much… I don’t want to eat. I can dream… but all i dream of it’s white rooms. with nothing inside.

Lazy cat, is lazy

First of all, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a lazy cat when it comes to update my blog… Classes, personal stuff. All has taken my time.

Well, after the much-needed apology let’s get on track shall we?


Ok, so what I’ve been doing this past month? Not much, really. I did manage to go to a small anime con’ in Osorno (a city near Puerto Montt). It’ was fun, not quite I expected really but fun nonetheless. Lot’s of people, a band which really needs a new male vocalist (Sorry Garou, but you just don’t make the cut when it comes to singing… stick to the guitar please!!). There’s some pics of it in a topic in WmForo.com (I’m on a lazy mode today, so go there and check it out)

Anyway, my attention is now focused on G-Expo (Less than a month ahead, no money on the piggy-bank…) and our final 4 weeks of classes at the Uni. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!!

Well, I think I should post this update once and for all; I’ve been working on it for 4 days and I don’t have anything else to say

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